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Consultant Limited.

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AK&A Attorneys at Law are your business partners in Thailand,
a medium sized firm providing the highest standard of legal
services without exorbitant fees. Entering into its sixth year,
AK&A offers its clientele the expertise of a full legal team with
vast experience in a broad spectrum of legal fields. Our firm
provides an affordable alternative to high-cost, low-service
multinational firms, without sacrificing quality or commitment.

Since its inception in 1999 by a former Chief Justice of the
Civil Court and two prominent Thai attorneys, AK&A have
established a reputation of placing the needs of their clients
first, by working diligently and efficiently to attain their
objectives. With over 20 experienced attorneys specializing in a
variety of fields, including academicians, former government
officials and former counselors from state and private
enterprises, AK&A is positioned to offer its clients
comprehensive and professional services at very competitive
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